Has the mojo of creating ‘creative’ shifted hands?

Many think that creative agencies have lost their relevance due to computer software, apps, and social media tools taking over the roles once held by creative directors, illustrators, and designers. Consequently, the magic that was once inherent in the creative agency’s offerings seems to have vanished. Well that just not so, and I’ll explain why I think that.

In today’s tech-driven and social media-dominated world, it’s important to ask ourselves: What makes branded creative concepts truly magical? There’s been a tremendous amount of buzz about social media…and there has always been a discussion about the increasingly changing role of the creative agency.
While computer software, apps, and social media have democratized creativity, it’s essential to avoid oversimplification by equating accessibility to software and platforms with top-tier branded creative concepts.

Despite their prevalence, the creative process behind these concepts retains the power to evoke magic, even in the age of social media.

It’s important to understand that creative concepts go beyond design, software, apps, or social media trends. Believing that creative concepts are solely about these elements would be naive. In reality, a solid creative concept requires more than just design expertise or the ability to create viral content with modern tools. Developing exceptional creative concepts that resonate in today’s connected world demands time, effort and critical strategic thinking. It’s not about the software or the latest social media craze, it’s about the ah-ha! moment.

While clients may have profound knowledge of their business, creative professionals and designers possess the skills to bring forth that special ‘ahh’ reaction.

Drawing from my experience of running a boutique agency for 35 years, I have witnessed the transition from drafting table to computer screen and the rise of social media as a powerful tool for creative expression. I can confidently affirm that the creative mojo is alive and well, even in this new landscape. In fact, it may be even more accessible than ever before! So YES, agencies can and do continue to deliver creative concepts in the digital age.

Throughout the years, our team has tackled a wide variety of projects. We have taken fragmented pieces and seamlessly woven them into cohesive, succinct creative concepts that tell a story both offline and online. Additionally, we have successfully transformed dry, complex material into engaging, accessible content that thrives across various social media platforms. There’s something truly special about a beautifully crafted, on-brand piece of creative work. It brings forth a sense of beauty and joy!

Creative minds have a unique perspective that fuels amazing creativity. If software or social media had truly diminished the magic of creative concepts, we would expect TV ads, music, promotional contests, PR campaigns, and other creative outlets to suffer the same fate. However, time and time again, we have witnessed properly conceptualized, executed, timed, and delivered creative content evoking positive reactions both offline and online.

Branded creative concepts, when thoughtfully developed, remain magical in this age of technology and social media. The perception that creative concepts have lost their magic may stem from an influx of mediocre creative work that fails to deliver desired results or capture the attention of today’s digital-savvy audience. In the realm of marketing and branding, this is far from magical.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject. Please share them in the comments below.