It’s the perfect time to discover your true creative DNA. In this blog I’ll be exploring the intricacies of ‘creativity’ and what it means in today’s world— and hopefully dispelling some longstanding misconceptions about the term “creative.” Creativity, as we’ve come to know, isn’t the exclusive domain of artists, writers, or musicians. It’s a boundless universe where different creative personalities coexist, each contributing to the magnificent tapestry of innovation. Creativity doesn’t only reside in the arts—it’s embedded in every field, every profession, and every person!
In my years at the agency, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a multitude of creative minds, each bringing a unique perspective to the table – with their unique creative DNA. It’s a revelation that creativity isn’t just about dabbling in the arts—it permeates every profession, every field, and every individual.

There are diverse types of creative DNA, each with unique styles and approaches.

So, let’s start on the journey of self-discovery and explore some of these creative DNA types.There are so many different definitions of creative types that can be found on the internet. These are only a few that resonated with me.  Who knows, you might just find a persona (or two) that resonates with you, too!

1. The Visual Virtuoso Often referred to as “artists,” these individuals possess an extraordinary knack for manifesting creative visions, a talent that earns them this title. Initially, they might appear as painters, illustrators, animators, or graphic designers, brilliantly transforming their vivid imaginations into tangible artistry. In essence, their medium of expression varies, ranging from traditional paint to modern computers, or even the elegant medium of glass. Their creativity is visually represented, and their tools are as diverse as their ideas. Transitioning from one form to another, they ingeniously morph their ideas into a visually represented form of creativity. Indeed, their tools of trade are as multifaceted as the concepts they bring to life, a testament to their versatile and boundless imagination.

2. The Performative Maestro: Naturally inclined to command attention, these artists, aptly referred to as Performative Maestros, channel their creativity through captivating performances. Initially, they might be seen in the roles of actors, comedians, or musicians, wielding their talent and charisma as potent tools to engage audiences.
Transitioning from one performance space to another, they effortlessly draw in viewers, whether under the luminous glare of the screen, the theatrical grandeur of the stage, or even within the cozy confines of local bars. Each setting serves as a testament to their adaptability and unwavering ability to steal the spotlight, irrespective of the stage they grace.

3. The Strategic Thinker: These creatives flourish amidst challenges, rules, and complexities. At first glance, they are the ingenious problem solvers, adept at converting a dense volume of information into compelling ideas. Transitioning from raw data to insightful concepts, their creativity materializes through concise, rational thinking. Often, they assume roles such as creative directors, writers, or art directors, further highlighting their capacity to distill complex thoughts into accessible, creative expressions. Each role they undertake serves as a testament to their analytical prowess and their ability to see the world through a uniquely creative lens.

4. The Spatial Aesthete: These creatives possess an exceptional grasp of space, color, and material. At first, they might emerge as fashion designers, architects, or interior decorators, infusing their creative genius into our daily existence. Transitioning from one domain to another, they artfully weave their creative magic into the very fabric of our everyday lives. Whether they’re transforming the cut and drape of a garment, the contours of a building, or the ambiance of an interior space, their work resonates with our day-to-day experience. Each creation is a testament to their profound understanding of aesthetics and their ability to reimagine the spaces we inhabit.

5. The Innovative Dreamer:  These creative minds are perpetually fuelled by the question, “What if?” At first, they present themselves as inventors, innovators who delight in challenging the status quo. Transitioning from one groundbreaking idea to the next, they are often found in roles as varied as urban planners to scientists. Their task is a transformative one, morphing “what is” into “what could be.” Each role they occupy, every innovation they conceive, serves as a testament to their ability to dream beyond the present and shape the contours of the future.

6. The Digital Architect: In today’s digital era, these creative types are indispensable.Initially, they reveal themselves as experts who comprehend the complexities of website navigation, user interaction, and digital aesthetics. Transitioning from one aspect to another, they skillfully weave together form and function within the realm of IT design. Whether they’re sculpting an intuitive website or designing an engaging application, their work is a testament to their ability to harmonize aesthetic appeal with practicality. Each design they create serves as a seamless blend of their technical knowledge and their creative vision, reinforcing their invaluable role in today’s digitized world.

Now that we’ve explored the different creative personas, it’s your turn. Do you see yourself in any of these types? Or perhaps, you represent a unique blend of a few? Maybe you’re an entirely new type we haven’t listed here? Share it here. Or Share your thoughts, and let’s continue to celebrate the diversity of creativity together!