Today’s ad market breaks its bread with digital media. This is a fantastic evolution, giving the market a louder voice in many languages. And it is only natural to outstrip that curve and diversify in order to reach niche markets – after all, complacency in business is death.

digital strategy

Photo by horsager available under a creative commons license


But to break the mould you have to, first, perfect it. As much as we are actively integrating social media into our business model, we are careful not to cast away the skills and strategies upon which success has been built.  Digital media is an extension, or a vehicle of traditional marketing strategy and tactics. On it own, interactive media does not build a successful brand – it helps deploy and deliver it to a different platform.

Both sides have to even out their skills, and the transition will be a slow one. Fixer consultancies like Personifeye are attempting to even out the market by guiding outdated agencies into full digital practice, giving them a competitive edge.

Despite critics, branding agencies with a strong digital component know brand intimately and have the potential to further strengthen and expand your brand via numerous vehicles, which work in tandem for optimal reach. 3H has assisted many clients to maximize their brand and its visibility with interactive media, especially in the B2B arena, including: Weir Golf Design (home base for golfer Mike Weir’s, golf course design company), DENTPLY Canada – a global leader in dental materials and a bilingual web presence for Windsor Salt, Canada’s leader in salt.

When an agency has a strong marketing backbone, there is only progression. For more of the ad inspired, visit