Have you created a Facebook page but not implemented Facebook Ads? If you haven’t, that’s okay, it probably means one of two things: you don’t need to or you don’t know how they can benefit you.  In any social media platform it is important to learn the ins and outs before you leverage tools for your business.  With that said, Facebook Pages and Facebook Ads go hand in hand when developed and monitored properly. Facebook Ads will literally add increased value to your overall objectives… and social community.

If you’re on Facebook regularly you probably see Facebook Ads 50 times a day. That’s because businesses use them as viral adverts; you can see them on the right side of your timeline, but more discreetly, a business can also create ads that post on behalf of its followers promoting predetermined content to those people’s friends. This is how a business online can reach outside its community and increase online growth just as you would with print ads or billboards!

The best part about Facebook Ads is how easy they’re to create. Once you log onto your Facebook, under Settings find “Manage Ads”. From there you’ll see user-friendly controls to manage and integrate your custom Facebook Ad. Design controls range from geographical location, interests, age to other vigorous targeting options. Once you’re done it can look something like this:


Currently I’m managing a couple of Facebook Pages with a strong community base for each. These communities set a strong foundation for a Facebook campaign because you can utilize your current followers “talking” about your content and recruit more potential followers when they visit your Facebook page from the Ads you put up.  This just means if someone sees your ad and he or she clicks it, that person will be more intrigued to like your page if the community is exciting and vibrant.

Of course none of this is free; Facebook Ads are a paid service that allows you to set a budget for each Ad. Once your budget is maximized the Ad will end and you will be notified. Your budget does not have to be large, but just enough that the Facebook Ad algorithm can properly manage your daily hits and how much you are willing to spend for them.  The budget is a very important factor to manage from your end as well, ensuring the numbers reflect the progress you want to make. At a price, governed by you, Facebook Ads also provide a detailed metrics system and billing reports to ensure you are always up to date!

These details are part of a much wider scope of what the Facebook Ads can do for your business, but having a background about some of the finer details can help ease into building your own Ad. Use these insights provided to help your online brand and Facebook Page talk! Because to me these seemingly small tactics can make a huge difference in driving tracking to your page and generating overall success.