When is enough too much? When is constant change too radical for the average visitor. I have witnessed in the past when the hype machine steers the masses to decide they’ve been jostled and exposed and had their privacy settings changed enough, that the tide washes out and the visitors along with them.

I am not predicting the demise for the largest social network (roughly 800 million users). I am waving the saturation flag. I think that the way companies use this social network need to be creative in a sense to offer a distinct offering to its audience and not load it with the same content that is being provided elsewhere. Early adopters and technology advocates and tech geeks together love the ‘new’ thing and Facebook is far from that but used in a fresh and exciting way, can be made interesting again.

There are numerous changes being integrated into the platform. The features, appearance and behavior. Lesson – Don’t offer so much that your audience can’t keep track of or know what to do with all the enhancements. This is starting to resemble the Microsoft Office model of feature on top of feature.

Facebook is mentioned and used in a variety of marketing and advertising channels by numerous companies. The important thing to remember, so as not to perpetuate the saturation is to ensure that you offer value to the visitor that visits your brand space within this social network and keep the offerings focused.