After four learning intensive weeks, I have completed my internship with 3H Communications. In my time here, I have had the opportunity to learn new programs, experience work from an employee’s perspective, and meet talented designers and marketers.

The programs I have used in my time here include Microsoft office, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop, all of which I have used before. There were however new programs and applications I learned, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, WordPress, and Optify. These programs are used to analyze and build website authority. WordPress is used to create blogs with quality content, and make links, to increase a website’s authority. Optify is a massive dashboard program with a wealth of information I’ve barely dented, but has already proven useful for tracking what pages people visit on a website and what the SEO ranking is.

Facebook Ad Manager and Google Analytics both break down metrics so that you can see how many people are engaged with your Facebook page and website, respectively. Both of these programs contain a lot of informative online statistics but are extremely fast and easy to use – not to mention free.

In addition to working with programs, I had the opportunity to work with many talented people.  My favourite experience with 3H was observing the focus groups to decide on new packaging for one of their clients. It was a fun experience to be behind the one-way mirror, and I learned a lot about what consumers look for in a pharmaceutical product. I think focus groups are extremely effective, because who can tell you what consumers will want better than the consumers themselves?

The last big lesson I’ve learned during my internship at 3H

is that a careful balance between online and offline marketing is needed to grow a business. Without promotion, a company will never get their products or services in the public’s eye.  Effective advertising, creating a brand and promoting it in the right channels are essential for offline promotion.  Positively interacting with online communities on social media, having a website, and updating that website regularly are all important parts of growing your business on the internet.

Having a clear strategy and implementing the right marketing tactics can drive the success and growth of a business.  If you don’t have the marketing skills and knowledge for your business, then it pays to hire professionals who do.

Again, I’m very thankful I had this internship opportunity with 3H, and am excited to use the skills and knowledge I’ve gained here in my future business studies and career.