You must be flexible.

Adaptability is key if you want to stay on top.

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Get bent. Yes! When you are creating the next big thing, it is important to be open to change. Creative environments are all about give and take, and if you can’t roll and mold, your creative will fall flat. Like we say at 3H, brand is living and your process is what creates it. If your vision is rigid, your focus will be narrow and finished creative output will reflect that. Flexibility in advertising is a must.

Feedback is important for resonance. You need your marketing plan to reflect your audience as intimately as possible. If a focus group comes back with results that are completely different to what you had hoped, it may be costly to redirect the ship but the rewards in the end – understanding your market – will pay back in the long run.

You can’t assume to know everything, that is why community reach out, tests, surveys and yes, market research are important not only for accuracy, but for the growth of your strategy and a leg up on your competition. Don’t make bad decisions because you aren’t willing to listen to your market… and their responses!

Get your ideas, get your strategy, and then throw it out there for commentary – and expect a strategy 2.0. If your strategy accounts for even one nuance, you are already going to make the market sing.