Whether your business is B2B or commercially driven, to them I say good luck! You can’t stop mobile connectivity – so don’t get left behind.

Photo by Johan Larsson available through a Creative Commons License

Regardless of demographic, everyone is mobilized and everyone aims to stay connected. Mobile sites started surging as a response to our mobile devices getting bigger IQs. With the adoption of Blackberry nation and iPhone frenzies, it is no rocket science that our web capabilities would have to fall in line accordingly. More and more people are connecting with their phones, and so the internet has to be ready, available to deliver to us wherever we are. According to Social Media Trader, 38 mobile social media sites emerged in 2008 alone. As a response to social media’s incessant hold on our time and productivity (not all in a bad way), the percentage of work organizations banning the social media reached 70.

Social media is trending towards replacing mailout as well. Though I still believe a good e-blast is a healthy marketing vitamin, personalized, to the point and informative – social media is quickly stepping up its capability to recharge recipients. Now your social network will get the message not your address book – which I find appealing because the social network is often broader than an address book. The New York Times recently added a great variety of mobile sharing added functionality – including an iPhone function, which allows a user to easily broadcast an article across networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Recently Adobe announced a long-awaited Flash upgrade for Smartphone users, but with many flaws (see why Jobs rejected this “Open” relationship here).

The flaw in this innovation? No target. Media blasts are carefully curated and the audience is specifically chosen – send it out to all your followers and friends and the message might get convoluted, misconstrued, even cause outrage – especially among clients.