A wise marketing strategy can’t be entirely mechanical. Yes, doing your homework is involved. Getting a good plan in place is essential – but don’t ignore your gut. Intuition is key, and when you think something isn’t right, is a little off, you have to go with it. Common sense isn’t that common.


Your client is king, so if they would like things done a certain way it’s one thing. But don’t be afraid to exercise your expertise. It is a partnership venture, and your experience in marketing sensitizes you. Don’t ignore that sense.

Some ads can be found offensive, and sometimes marketing humour can take a wrong turn. What works, and what doesn’t, will not have any general terms – it all changes depending on your target. It generally comes down to ethics and reason which can change and are in constant cultural flux, so make sure you get to know your target well.  You must also immerse yourself in today – stay on the pulse of taste and trends as they evolve. The aim in marketing is never to blend in, use your knowledge to captivate.

Some people just naturally snap into it, but you can improve your marketing-sense – plain exposure. It takes time to develop that wisdom and insight, so young ad underlings – stay on top of the game and you will market-age well.