A  worthy commodity product can become a household name… with a personality!

Changing consumer’s perception of a “commodity” type product takes long term vision and dedication. It also takes a superior product, offering a perceived commodity, a distinctive edge and a consistent delivery of promise… and USP.

Windsor Salt

In the Spring of 2010, “Ya gotta get the good one!” [link to video] once again rang out of television sets across Canada.

The commercial was the newest wave from a successful campaign started a few years ago with Windsor Salt to promote their home water softener System Saver. The new television campaign for System Saver II Pellets, “Next Generation/ Nouvelle Generation”, is a testament to our continued focus on brand evolution.

What started out as a campaign for a superior commodity product with a single “memorable”  spokesperson  has transitioned into a living, packaged brand progressively platformed in an updated wardrobe – by using the voice of a younger generation.

Through a contemporary, 3H reinvigorated the brand personality towards the target and drove home sales appeal. By producing both English and French-speaking versions  we captured each region’s tonality, further expanding the product’s market appeal.

A solid committed vision, with a tight, dynamic brand positioning can give commodity products legs that can always refresh its personality its market potential.