I remember the days when WordPress was young and Matt Mullenweg was just starting to kick out one of the most exciting and user-friendly ways to run a blog and self-host it. Then it got real beautiful and super exciting because the open source community embraced it. Developer and designers a-like, believed that if you enhance a platform for the love of it and to improve it for all, more people will use it. They were more then correct on that assumption, they were dead on. WordPress has evolved into a robust CMS (Content Management System) which is being utilized by a variety of different businesses and individuals. I personally have grown up using it, developing and deploying it for clients and I am a huge supporter of the WordPress movement. It was great to hear one of the co-creators share on the history and future of the platform. To read and see the address head over to WordPress – State of the Word 2011 or view it below.