I have reflected on the recent resignation of Steve Jobs and his legacy of what he taught the world. He has lead others by doing; not only in marketing, advertising, product development or the user experience, but in how a company can achieve greatness through people.


There is no need to reiterate the collection of apple products that are leading in each of their respective categories and I believe that has everything to do with the people responsible for the development of those products under driven and focused leadership. Steve Jobs understood that the character of each individual employee resonates on every project or task that they are involved with. Each person is essential to the advancement of the company so getting the right fit to hire is vital to a strong organization.


Company awareness is something that Steve Jobs has been noted for throughout his time at Apple. He believed that every person should understand the overall process of the business and that each employee, regardless of title or department, should educate others on how their part is a piece of the greater picture.

Involvement = Investment = Ownership

These are but a few of the lessons that can be gleaned from an inspiring individual who has earned his place in business history as one of the most influential leaders of our time.What have you learned from Steve Jobs over the years, or, what has impressed or annoyed you about his time at Apple?