I was asked the other day what a podcast was, and as much as I’m well versed in that area I went back to look up the definition and did some research so that I could better explain what a podcast is.  We can’t call it radio station on the Internet anymore as more radio programs are being launch live on the Internet.

So what is a podcast?

Podcasting, or audioblogging as it was first called, arrived on the scene in the 1980s, but became hugely popular between 2002-2008.  Even though it’s not as popular now it’s still a main source for talk audio shows. Podcasts can be a great source of knowledge if you’re looking for some blog ideas or to learn how to do something new in the world of marketing. Even still the main reason people still use this tool  is to promote their interests and hobbies with round-table discussions. This allows for a lot of open ended discussions and unbiased opinions.  This can be a great way to talk and learn about… let’s say Social Media. These Podcast discussions may provide solid strategies  on any topic from communications focus to sales focus or client servicing focus. Reaching out and speaking to people that are in the same industry to have the same interests offers a wealth of ideas from like minded people! I use it as a problem solving channel… part of the process to get around an business issue that I have a hard time seeing clear of.

For all my social media need I head over to The Social Media Examiner.  They usually have a weekly podcast that goes up!


Regardless of what area of marketing you are in these can always be a great source of knowledge and it’s a fantastic source for content creation. In essence it’s also a content channel  that offers up a wealth of ideas for marketing content!

If you have a blog, use it to your advantage. As with any communications channel, it’s a two say street. It is an exceptional way to express your opinions and ideas about the business and  marketing arena – used effectively it is also a great tool to showcase your brand.  Use it to reach out to your followers and other members of the marketing community to help and educate them on trending topics, new marketing strategies. This adds value to your community and can springboard you to being perceived as an expert.

In marketing, it’s all about the mix. The mix of channels and the way you use those channels are important. Blogging can be great fun and a chance to put your personality into your writing, but the chance to use your actual voice; emotion and enthusiasm to get your point across can be an even better addition to your brand. So how about utilizing a Podcast instead?