Like many social platforms, the LinkedIn social platform has evolved. It launched itself as a social platform for professionals and to a large extent it has maintained that unique edge. I would argue that LinkedIn has somewhat devolved into a professional Facebook platform, with the many animal posts, inspirational/motivational posts or even sharing family milestones. But that’s a debate for another time. I’d like to discuss why we, as professionals are on LinkedIn, and what benefits that it provides.

Regardless of how many feel some posts are inappropriate for the platform, I still feel that LinkedIn is foremost a professional platform. That is how I use it as a professional and for my company.

In today’s world of hybrid remote working habits, coupled with company cell phones, the concept of the ‘cold call’ is becoming chillingly extinct. Reaching out to potential clients and trying to connect when there is no prior personal relationship or knowledge of your company is becoming  increasingly difficult. Or is it?

Essentially, there are viable options for business development. We can all raise our arms in exasperation, but that leads to nowhere. Or, professionals and businesses alike must embrace the change of today’s business world and quite frankly celebrate the opportunity!

While the conventional cold call may be going the way of the DoDo Bird…. the new way of cold calling is quite liberating. As professionals our world has become way larger. The world is your oyster, and any segment you chose to pursue, a pearl can be found! No longer are we limited to geography, albeit, there are political considerations and possible limitations of transferable skills in regulated industries, but still our “professional” world is bigger. Who we can reach, how often we can become visible to our intended audience/target/potential clients has multiplied.

The Pros:

  1. No matter the industry, you’ll find a LinkedIn group/community that you can join. More importantly, you can participate in as a professional looking to increase your personal brand, or as your company.
  2. No matter where you reside, the acceptance of remote working, has provided many professionals with greater prospects that would have otherwise not have been possible, without relocation.
  3. The shear number of potential prospects that can be accessed via LinkedIn would never have been feasible, even by attending conferences physically and meeting face to face.
  4. If, finding the perfect lead is like the proverbial needle in a haystack; then, with LinkedIn, you can poke at numerous haystacks…simultaneously.
  5. The definition of relationship has opened up. You can now begin and have a relationship and connect with people you have never experienced a physical handshake with.

It does take effort to  reap the benefits of LinkedIn, on a personal and business level. Here are the top 5:

Optimize Your Profile. Ensure that your profile is concise and utilizes keywords that clearly articulates your role. LinkedIn has its own search engine, so make sure that these keywords appear on your profile.

Keep Your Company Page Current.  A company page shouldn’t sit there collecting dust. It must constantly be relevant and what is posted there must showcase company culture, brand values and mission,  minimally.

Share Often. Share company updates, articles, and industry news to keep your audience informed and engaged, both on your company page and on your personal page.

Engage Consistently. Foster a community by engaging with followers through comments, shares, and discussions. Respond to inquiries and feedback to build trust and loyalty.

Build Visibility.  Publish articles, create a company newsletter, promote products or services and post consistently.

Business development has definitely evolved, but that isn’t a necessarily a bad thing. I hope you found this helpful. I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, or connect with me here.