There is a saying that is quite applicable in everyday life and it is hard to live by but can benefit everyone involved.

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.- Abraham Lincoln

If you are too busy talking then you are not able to hear what is being said. What is being asked of you? What guidance is being provided?  In a constant strive to make ME the most important word in the story…gear down. Set the cruise at a lower speed then you think you can handle, crank the guilty pleasure songs you admit to no one that you listen to and strive to be humble.

You do what you do because  you know how to do it -all day – no doubt, you are a champion of all things you.


If your career is to extrapolate what others are trying to accomplish, then listening is not only vital but hyper listening is a mandatory requirement. You have to foresee the limitations of communication in all people. Bank on this. The client will always try with their best effort to convey the idea or tactic, it is up to you to use your intuitive interpretation and ensure all the obvious and not so apparent thoughts are captured and acted upon.

If you say nothing until they are finished and truly process what you heard – you will be much more effective in formulating a refined focused response which has been customized to their needs. This will make your guidance more sound and your vision a shared one.