Brand is bigger than you realize.  Brand is what consumers first see of a product/service… it’s the initial hook…but the follow through is even more important as it is how the brand becomes part of  lifestyle.

Living In Brand Korean Macdonalds

Image courtesy of kudumomo@Flickr under a creative commons license

Your brand extends to your employees, clients, right down to your outfit. Your shoes are Nikes, your computer is an Apple, and your car is a Honda. You live in brand, and sometimes you don’t even know it – but the lifestyle these companies sell has worked, and that’s why you identify with them. Living in brand is also a way of building recognition. The iconic Nike swoosh, Apple’s…well apple, and Honda’s big H. My company is recognized by purple and mustard yellow. Purple is my brand, and I believe in brand – that’s why I wear purple every day.

This all-inclusive approach stays within marketing rules of simplicity, be direct and convey a single message. This strategy is a great “value-added” approach. But it’s all about the follow through. I wear purple and I get recognized, but if my service and “product” delivery is below par it won’t matter what colour I’m wearing. Luckily, my clients not only recognize purple, they recognize great service, solid work and expertise… and  and this association sticks. Purple perfection!


Miriam P. Hara

3H Communications Inc |