Lucky are those that are in love with what they do. Everyday is a new wonderful day filled with commitment, dedication and emotion. As I reflect back on the 25 years I have spent at 3H Communications and with all my clients, I truly believe that I have been blessed. Like any love affair or relationship there have been times that were in turmoil, filled with indecision and fraught with doubt…but more often, there were times that the challenges brought laughter, fulfillment, achievement and oh…the great memories. It has allowed me to build relationships that I value.

It’s easy to say that because I chose a “creative” profession that it is easier for me to be passionate about my job. But I really don’t believe that this is true. Over the years in business I have met people in all professions who really love what they do; from scientists, sales people, physicians, marketers… and yes, even accountants. All of us who love what we do, feel in our hearts and minds, that we have a calling.I can hear the collective thought saying “money”… but I can say for many that I have met, it’s not all about the money.  It’s about that calling that makes us passionate and emotive about our accomplishments. It’s about doing it differently, doing it better and doing it well. It’s also that calling which makes us care, all that much more and strive for that extra elusive… thing.

I really do believe that you do what you are… and you are what you do. The perfect yin and yang scenario. To be one of those “they” people who love what they do. To have a passionate affair with your work, with what you do for over 8 hours a day  is the best anyone could hope for. You never have to work a day in your life and better yet,  you never look at it as work. Yes, the term workaholic comes to mind, but I don’t believe that this is an accurate term. Owning and working at your own business is a personality type. For those of us who are entrepreneurs you all know what I am talking about. Running 3H Communications over the last 25 years… I have worked… and not worked. I remember reading an article that Arlene Dickinson You Inc called Born this way  that really resonated with me. Mind you, this speaks to being an entrepreneur…and the drive to become one. I believe that you don’t necessarily need to be an entrepreneur, or run your own business to really love what you do. Just like you find love in many places…you find passionate people who are driven by what they do… from volunteers , coordinators, managers, store clerks to big business executives.

I will end this post by apologizing for taking advantage of the Valentine’s Day timing and using “love” as the hook, line and sinker of this blog! I hope I haven’t turned anyone off by being gimmicky… but it was too good to pass up!