‘Marketing Creative’: What’s that?

Marketing Creative is the ability to hone in on a brand’s message. Regardless of the industry it’s imperative to creatively articulate the brand message. Ultimately this is achieved by a creative team’s use of their transferable skills. These skills are perfected by years of experience and diverse exposure in many industries to achieve all kinds of mandates. For instance, my career has allowed me to contribute to many different industries (B2B and direct to consumer) in a variety of marketing mandates. It has enabled me to develop in myself and my team a nimbleness that is quite unique. And that development takes time and diligent effort not just to meet the requirements but to excel in them.

Despite the rules and regulations and  in spite of the limitations!

The challenge many marketers face is attempting to break through the clutter and be different in an arena where they feel they have been handcuffed! Whether working on mandates in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry, Food Industry or Healthcare Industry, each industry has a set of advertising regulations. And these regulations must be adhered to. It’s very easy to throw in the towel and say”we can’t do this “and we aren’t allowed to do that”.  That’s looking at the regulations at face value. When a brand has something unique to say, there is always a way to address that uniqueness.

Each industry is its own universe with its accompanied black holes!  When we get called in, we  work our marketing nimbleness to creatively articulate the brand’s messaging, uniqueness and image. And we need to do all that by avoiding being sucked in by a black hole that leaves your brand completely in the dark and void of any distinctiveness.

Everyone touts outside the box thinking…but it needs to be done inside the ‘regulation’ box.

It’s working inside the box of regulations that matters. It’s thinking outside the regulations but staying inside the box that makes brands perform. Achieving marketing creative prowess takes time, energy, and experience.The more you do it, the more you excel. With a career that transcends industry niche and focus, over three decades it has become a way of thinking for myself and my team. We must still endeavour to stand out without infringing on the rules that  govern the industry…that’s what makes great creative. Actually, that’s what makes great marketing creative!

How do you creatively articulate a brand’s message when your hands are all tied up in knots?