Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year’s… unbelievable but true, the 2013 Holiday season is upon us and with it comes the annual dilemma: should we send a card via mail or should we send out a digital card?
Maybe it’s because 3H Communications  lives in the “creative” world that we feel more angst about this question then most businesses.
If we send a classic paper card via mail… yes with an envelop and stamp… are we going to be perceived as old, traditional or outdated?

Well I have to say, there are 2 schools of thoughts and despite my love to integrate the new, to jump in and be an early adopter of all things in the digital communications playground, I would side with the classic…. an actual mailed card.

If your inbox is anything like mine, you’re being  inundated with approximately hundred daily emails. I think I can safely assume that the last thing you and I want is another 30, 40, 100 emails from business partners, friends and suppliers adding to the already crazy inbox we have. Most of the digital cards I receive are amusing, although some  are annoying with the imbedded music – but I hardly take note of them, or even view them properly. I just click and then quickly delete. I don’t keep them as they add more clutter to my day.  Essentially my inbox at work is… well work – I don’t surf youtube or my personal Facebook page during my work day.  When I do get the digital cards, I see from who it’s from and very often, I delete, even before the complete holiday wish is revealed.

Maybe it’s because I work in the creative field… but I believe that receiving a card in the mail still means something. For me it’s always a little moment of anticipation before you actual card is revealed. What’s the design like? What’s the message? Will the use of typeface and design wow me? And I always look at the signature, and if done with the right intent, a little special message that’s just for me! Makes me smile and it actually forces me to take a moment out of the day and “be”.   Yes it’s traditional, but I feel it’s more personal. Someone actually took the time to sign it…. maybe write a personal comment… and yes give it to the support team to place it in an envelop and to stamp it. The little number of cards that I received last year were decoratively added to our office tree or added a  colourful accent in my office. Granted, you can throw cards out immediately too, just like you can delete an email card, but cards, in my experience tend to stay around for the duration of the holiday season!

I can hear the opposing view saying that if a digital card is done well it will get shared… and I do agree… but still, as a marketer I do believe with so many businesses have going the route of digital cards, printed cards do stand out more and as a result, and in terms of  marketing speak, your business will receive more share of “holiday card” mind!

Should businesses spend their energy and money in developing a branded holiday card or go the digital ? I would like to hear your thoughts.