It’s common at the end of each year to reflect upon what happened, what worked, and what we can learn from. In our personal lives, we make resolutions to improve certain areas that aren’t up to par – so why should it be any different for your business? It isn’t good enough to simply resolve to be better if you can’t measure and quantify this success. Learnings are a crucial aspect to improving but only knowing that something went wrong isn’t quite the same as knowing how it went wrong.

Measure this year’s success with the following tools:

1. Website:
A great measuring tool for your web ranking is Alexa Sparky: it provides a global and national ranking for your website in comparison to other sites on the internet. Knowing where you stand against your competitors is a great way to measure site appeal. Google Analytics is another great way to measure website successes: this tool breaks down the traffic for each page and subpage of your website.

2. Social Media:
Buffer, Instafollow, and Sprout Social are all great ways to measure followers, demographics, and behaviour on your social media accounts. Sprouts Social even allows for you to generate white label reports on your statistics.

3. Blog:
Wordpress Jetpack Site Stats is a great plug-in to add to your blog so that you can measure the likeability of each post and compare the success of them to other posts you’ve written.

4. Internal:
Create a spreadsheet that clearly lists quantifiable goals such as, “50 new clients/month” or “website refresh by February 1, 2014”. It’s great to set goals but if you have no way to measure the successes, then it is impossible to put things into perspective.

There are a plethora of tools available to measure the goals you’ve set out to achieve this year.

What are some of the tools that you use to measure success? We’d love to hear your thoughts!