When we think about a Mobile Application, the first examples that might come to mind may be: Instagram, Angry Birds, or Whatsapp. While some applications are great for socializing and passing time, there is a lot of opportunity for apps to make life easier; to accomplishing a task faster; to finding something in mere seconds. Companies are quickly catching on to the effectiveness of implementing mobile application development into their strategy. These are all great applications with easily accessible user interfaces (UI);

But how can you leverage your Marketing Strategy with mobile application development for the growing SmartPhone community?

I’ve done some research on mobile apps that aren’t games or social networking based. These mobile applications were developed to either leverage a product or a purpose, and that’s something worth mentioning:

 1. People For Change
This mobile application, developed by Thinkingbox Media & Design, is an application that leaves you feeling good – by making the people around you feel great. You are randomly given a task to complete that involves making a difference in your community and once accomplished, you share it with your peers. Pay it forward, so to speak.

 2. Retail
As if online shopping wasn’t addictive enough; now you can browse an entire Fall/Winter line on your SmartPhone device. Major retailers such as Zara, Target, and Walmart have made it easy for you to see what’s new, on sale, and available to be shipped within the week.

 3. Flipp
This app is a handy retail flyer aggregator, designed by Wishabi — designed for the flyer-collecting enthusiast. You can choose which major retailers you prefer from numerous different categories and you will be updated with the most recent flyers daily/weekly. Using location detection, the application will be able to update the flyers you receive based on your postal code.

4. ELLE Canada
Instead of wasting paper (save the earth!), download the ELLE Canada mobile application to be updated on the most current fashion trends and some excellent editorial (and they’re Canadian).

 5. Airbnb
Developed by Airbnb, Inc., this mobile application gives you a fiscally responsible alternative to getting a hotel room, in almost any city in the world. You can browse millions of properties available for weekend, monthly, even nightly rentals.

What are some of your favourite mobile applications?