Today it’s all about the niche market.

Designing for a niche is a well-targeted sales strategy. When your product caters to too many targets, the customization becomes diluted and your product doesn’t stand out. Nowadays, with so many options out there, you really have to make what you’re offering reach out and grab your target’s attention.

Because of its specificity, a collaborative, agile niche market design that really speaks to consumers at a deep level is long lasting.

Print, news and web are changing the game, demanding more comprehensive design materials that allow for interaction, and the reflection of social media integration. It’s not all about pretty pictures. But whether it be print, web, packaging or specialty products – the niche is a lucrative place to look.

Engaging an optimal audience is also possible through niche marketing. As reported by the Globe and Mail, when designing women’s shaving cream packages, Toronto Agency Juniper Park took little things into account like the fact that women shave in the shower – easy gripping – and that they like scented products – colourful variations.

Reaching out to a target in this way creates deeper dialogue between its members – who are already more invested in the product than the norm. Said Paul Kemp Robertson, editor of Contagious, in a article over at Marketing Magazine: “The beauty of niche is you get people who are very engaged and create thicker connections…The smaller the network, the thicker the connection.” These are the people that will pass along the information with others they think will be interested, because they are.

Like most successful marketing, the key is having that agile perspective. To really put yourself in the shoes of your target, and create something distinct that they will want to share and discuss.