The 2012 Olympics have officially started, but for months we have seen advertisements from Olympic sponsors. The most coveted position for an Olympic sponsor is to be part of The Olympic Partner programme (TOP). Being part of the TOP programme gives sponsors exclusive worldwide marketing rights. This year’s sponsors in the TOP programme are: Coca-Cola, Acer, Atos, The Dow Chemical Company, GE, McDonald’s, Omega, Panasonic, Procter and Gamble, Samsung and Visa. Participating in the TOP programme is an amazing opportunity for sponsors. They are able to associate themselves with one of the most recognizable symbols in the world and launch innovative campaigns on a global platform for a potentially unlimited reach. We believe that a great Olympic ad should align the values of the brand with the values of the Olympics, use the Olympics as a vehicle for their product and service and, of course, make a lasting impression on target market.

With so much at stake, we want to know, who do you think deserves to take home a gold, silver or bronze medal for their Olympic ad?

Ads from TOP programme sponsors in the running for medals are: Procter and Gamble   Ad: “The Best Job” Creative Premise: P&G is using its voice at the Olympic Games to say “Thank You Mum” not just to mothers of Olympians, but to all mothers for everything they do to help their children meet their dreams. P&G is playing on the idea of family legacy. They were there along side mothers to help Olympians before they were Olympians. Children achieve their dreams with the help of  their moms, and P&G. This is really a heart-tugger! Coca-cola   Ad: “Move to the Beat of London” Creative Premise: To bring teens closer to the Olympics and sports through music. This ad demonstrates their mission to refresh the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness and to create value and make a difference. The beat was created by recording the sounds made by athletes. The producer seen “conducting” the athletes is Mark Ronson, who is known for launching the career of Amy Winehouse. The ad inspires happiness as everyone is having a good time cheering for the Olympic athletes. It fits in well with the Olympics as they are not just a competition, but also a celebration of the best athletic talent in the world. Visa Ad: “Go World” Creative Premise: Celebrate athleticism and human triumph through unique athlete stories. Visa takes a simple approach in their ad. The visuals are straightforward, athletes performing. What resonates with the audience is Morgan Freeman narrating. “When you cheer…” gives the audience a certain amount of power, they make the athletes perform just a little bit better. When you cheer and use Visa, well you help your team win. By using Visa you can go anywhere and make anything happen. Tell us who you think should receive the gold, silver and bronze medal! During this year’s Olympics we’ll be doing a series of blogs that speak to the event, brands and sports. Stay tuned and join the conversation!