I was shown a video last night that I wanted to share with you: found on the VICE website, this video shows a man, Sun Jifa, who lost both his hands during a fishing explosion. He couldn’t afford prosthetic hands – so he made a pair for himself out of iron. His bravery and perseverance in overcoming this devastating accident is already worth mentioning – but what makes this story an even more encouraging one is that he now dedicates his life to making prosthetic arms for the less fortunate in China. It’s a story about overcoming challenges.

Overcoming challenges isn’t only about helping yourself, but to help those around you overcome them as well.

He doesn’t do it to make money – he charges his clients a minimal amount (that is usually given to the clients from Government aid) so that they can continue working to sustain a family. He does it because he knows what it feels like to be handicapped and not be able to afford the things that can help him lead a normal life.

We can all take a page from his book when we consider the bravery and perseverance required to overcoming challenges; in the workplace and in life.

Oftentimes, it is easy when faced with a challenge to turn and run the other way. Adversity is a gift, if you can appreciate the lesson. I agree that it is easier to see a difficult boss, a daunting task, or even a conflict with a colleague as a deterrent to going in to work with enthusiasm – but perhaps facing these challenges with tact and dedication will prove fruitful in the end.

Taking it a step further, if you can turn your challenges into doing good for those around you (offering encouragement to a colleague, taking on extra projects to relieve your teammates, even research possible new developments to give back to your community) then you might just find yourself a happier person, more successful and fulfilled in the knowledge of the betterment of yourself and overcoming challenges.

I hope the story of Sun Jifa serves as an uplifting motivation for you on this gloomy Monday morning, and for every time you feel as though there is a challenge too difficult of overcoming.

To watch this video, click here.