Pinterest is a virtual tool that provides an extraordinary sharing platform like no other. 3H has a Pinterest account where we dedicate boards to our pins about useful business to business content. Our strategy is to engage and inspire followers, business-related or not, and give an insight to the marketing, advertising and social media world from our perspective. We recently updated our 3rd eBook “Social Media Understood” with a board of 38 pins of tips and tricks for building an online brand. There are some really awe-inspiring quotes… and I’d like to share some with you here and if you like the sample, you’ll check out the rest right here!:

#5/38 Niche is where it’s at:  This is the most important benefit and feature of the Social Media channel. Social Media is truly all a about finding your niche…and building your community…no matter how big or small.  If you want to push a product or idea you’ve got to speak the same language as your customers and online fans. When you find your grove, don’t leave it – build on it.

#13/38 Social Media is not a popularity contest.  As much as we all want thousands of followers, it doesn’t mean anything if you’re not connecting with your audience and building solid relationships. A twitter account boasting  10,000 followers may not be able to engage all 10,000 in the way that a smaller account of 500 followers can. It’s about engagement and influence. It should always be about quality, not quantity. You want to make sure people are actually listening to you, reading and reacting to your content.  Great content breeds followers.

2/38 Get out there. This is a great one: Get out there!! Don’t be afraid to learn as you do. If you wait to learn about it all, you’ll never jump in…. or out! Don’t just tweet and post and expect results – you need to do your research, find bloggers, influencers and jump into the social-sphere of communication.  Be different, stand out and reach a curious audience with a positive tone and an up-to-date experience. And oh…by the way, this is my way of getting out there!

There are great and easy pointers in our eBook “Social Media Understood” and we invite you to look it up on our Pinterest account.

Happy posting!