So you have an idea for a social media campaign, and you’re thinking of all the millions of people you’re going to attract using Twitter, a blog or Facebook – it’s so exciting! But hold on one second, you have to ask yourself the easy questions first to be guarantee long-term success. Product vs. store branding online have obvious similarities but need to be managed differently.

Product branding online and store branding online are similar because both need to reach a specific audience, tailored especially to the individual needs and wants of the company and/or client. A product can have a fan base and followers who will support a social media presence just the same as a store ( i.e. grocery stores, furniture stores, hair salons, or retail outlets ). Product and Store branding have the same goals when trying to target specific audiences.

The content for products and stores, obviously tailored to the social media strategy, can fall under similar categories and actually intertwine between lifestyle, health and beauty, healthy eating, environmental facts or fashion tips.

Ex. Ikea Canada Stores vs. Organic Make-Up Brushes.

Environmental ideas (gardening DIY idea above) on Ikea Canada’s Facebook page and the organic makeup brush products both can share similar content because they are targeting people who support the ideas, beliefs and culture of the brand they’re promoting online. With this said, both products and stores need to keep a pulse and a keen eye for the market, what’s current and trending. Both will pull in great results with these similar online branding strategies.

Products go out; customers come in.

But there are some differences between product and store branding and they’re worth remembering. The first, and most important, is a store online presence should come from the location itself. The store is a place where clients can see what’s going on, learn about in-store promotions and, with luck, be enticed enough to visit through social media efforts.
Products can be sent out, given to customers through a blog. This way online visitors can get what you’re selling right in their hands. However, with store branding you need followers and supporters to come in and see your store, see the products on your shelves and experience the service you provide. That should be taken into consideration when branding online for the greatest success. Do it right and reap the rewards!