Despite our biological complexity, human beings are surprisingly straightforward and predictable when it comes to emotional reactions. The concept of honor, feelings of goodwill and being beholden to the person or company who gives us something for free is deeply engrained in the human psyche. Smart salespeople and businesses know this and have used it for centuries to close deals.

Promotional products are all around us. When you go to TD Bank for example, a basket of free pens sits on the counter with the bank’s logo printed on the side. The bank knows that this subtle gesture makes the customer feel confident that the bank must be flush with assets. Customers will be more likely to be loyal to the bank, opening new accounts for their children and grandchildren and recommending the bank to friends.

Hugely profitable businesses like pharmaceutical companies provide outside salespeople with promotional products to increase their sales percentages. They give away items such as personalized calendars, desk accessories and coffee mugs so that when it’s time to re-order supplies, the company name and phone number is right there in plain sight.

Extensive marketing studies have proven that businesses can benefit from promotional products. Response rates improve dramatically when potential customers receive free products because the name of the company is better recalled, and a favorable opinion of the company is formed unconsciously. Investing in promotional products is a smart marketing strategy that all businesses can benefit from.

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