Tomato Tip Number One

The blending of all ingredients in most bread recipes is key to its rise and success! Very similar is the craft of developing a successful brand. Like baking, there are three important ingredients that need to be layered into brand development.

First, you need to imagine it. See it in your mind’s eye. How does it look? Feel? Act? What does the brand represent. Imagine where you want your brand to be. Second, you need to time it. Time the details necessary to achieve your vision. What’s the best time to go to market… properly? This is not a time to rush… you don’t want to end up having flat cake! Lastly, you need to watch it. Watch the details, make adjustments, listen to research or market conditions. If something doesn’t come up just right, you don’t need a new recipe, sometimes just add a pinch of something novel to the mix.

Like baking, you need to blend with passion, knead with persistence… the result will be a brand on the rise!