I briefly wrote about the Hudson’s Bay in my article, “Retail Marketing: Be Seen and Heard”, but I wanted to elaborate on the genius that is behind the mass retailer. Bonnie Brooks didn’t only make The Hudson’s Bay a trendier shopping destination but her business strategy re-positioned the entire brand perception. Reinventing brands is something Bonnie Brooks is familiar with: she formerly worked as an executive officer at Lane Crawford as well as Holt Renfrew.

Reinventing your brand when it has reached a plateau can give it the fresh, sales-driven push that it needs:

1. Advertising:
Hudson’s Bay launched several radio spots to reinforce their brand using Bonnie Brooks’ voice as the spokesperson. This created a more personalized feel, given that it came directly from the President herself.

 2. In-store Re-design:
Hudson’s Bay spent millions of dollars renovating the department stores’ interior layout for several locations. A lot of businesses may not immediately see the importance of dishing out obscene amounts of money for a refresh in storefront appearance, but Brooks did – and it’s paying off.

 3. Demographic:
Carrying brands that would appeal to the younger demographic, like Top Shop, was a very strategic move on Brooks’ part. Expanding the target demographic would mean more traffic and consequently, more sales.

 4. Partnerships:
Hudson’s Bay now carries what they call the “Canadian Olympic Team Heritage Collection” – being one of the oldest Canadian retail brands, making partnership with the Canadian Olympics Team is a great way to sell product nationally. The 2010 Olympic mittens made it on “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list.

 5.  Heritage:
Brooks didn’t only make Hudson’s Bay a must-go shopping destination for some of the best designer brands but she also brought back the appeal of Hudson’s Bay’s brand too. From couch throws to the classic teddy bear, it’s the Hudson’s Bay as a brand that she’s selling.

 6. Logo:
There’s a new strategy in place so why not a new logo to identify with the refresh? Logos can be tricky – you want it to be eye-catching but you also want it to “speak to the heritage of the brand” – and that’s exactly what Hudson’s Bay has done.

Can you name another company that has gone through major reinventing that is worth mentioning?