I don’t like to think of the web as a numbers game – but when you are ranked in the Google top 3, it is a thing of beauty and joy. Being SEO minded when developing your web site is as key as promoting your unique selling position (USP). To achieve optimized search ranking and optimizing this medium, small, medium and large-sized companies alike are speaking about on-line marking strategies and looking at the increasingly popular and trendy tactics –  Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook . Yet many are still  unaware of how those tactics can be further leveraged using these free networking resources with more SEO know-how.

seo minded

Photo by Search Engine People available through a creative commons license

SEO is a booming industry – a rat race of algorithms, features, filters and adjustments. It helps cut market costs by getting the right stuff out there, right away and on-time; as well as obvious effects with finding new business.

Update your content regularly; and update your SEO accordingly. Google evaluates the frequency of a websites updating and this affects its search placement. A lot of organizations add blogs to keep their content fresh, newsworthy and viable for more keywords and links (which invariably relate your site to more searches).

It also helps to line up your keyword phrases with those regularly Googled – i.e. “SEO Optimization Tips” gets 40, 000, 000 more results than “SEO Optimization Techniques”. Remember that each website it distinctive, so your SEO has to be tailored to your target market, niche and business objectives. And remember,  measure, change and shift is the essence of SEO.

Don’t forget though, SEO is more than keywords and links; it’s the map for your web representation so make it clear, well planned and informative.