It’s clear that like all things in marketing you need to determine your objectives. Only then can you evaluate and assess if your Social Media efforts are performing well. Once you have determined your objectives, the most critical aspect of developing a community is creating a social media calendar that will provide you with clear and concise directions and strategy on writing of posts.

What is an social media calendar?

A social media calendar allows you to plan out your topics and initiatives by week, and by month. This provides you with the foundation to develop Facebook Posts, Blogs and Tweets by evaluating and considering the social media landscape as it pertains to your business or brand.  It allows you to integrate all your efforts into one visual document to make sure that you have a holistic approach to your social media.

Here’s how you start establishing a Social Media Calendar
1) Understanding your target audience…intimately. For starters, Facebook allows you to really niche your audience. So reaching the 1% of the 15% is totally attainable. And Twitter allows you to evaluate and assess trending topics….So put these 2 great abilities together and you can now  get a dimensional view of your target. Understanding your consumer’s psychographics has never been more important. What do they like? Who do they like? What other brands are they following?

2) Visually map up your brand’s interests. That’s right. What subjects are important to your brand or business? It goes to follow that those are the same interest for your audience. Let’s say your brand is a Health Supplement, then fitness, health issues and nutrition are all top interests. This is a good starting to point to direct you in creating posts and engaging your brands with other relevant Pages.

3) Fill in your brand’s social calendar. It’s important to know when events that are key to your brand’s make up happen…and partake and engage in them. Taking my previous example of a Health Supplement, there’s a Nutrition month or Heart Health Month, or Diabetes Month. If  your brand or business is within the Food Industry or Beverage Industry,  then Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, Weekends and BBQs are all events that are pertinent which can fill your social media calendar.

4) Build excitementLaunch a contest, provide samples, offer coupons…get in the know with your community. While the excitement is on…or the contest, take advantage of their interest to provide relevant and thought provoking posts for them to engage in.

5) Be in sync.  It’s important for brands to have all their marketing integrated. If there’s a product launch, make sure you plan for it, tweet it and promote it.The timing of posts and tweets is key to the success of your marketing activities.

A social media calendar is a plan…but its the sum of all its parts that provides a solid foundation for a Brand’s Social Media Initiatives. Having a social media calendar doesn’t mean it’s rigid. Quite the contrary, like all things social, it must be allowed to be fluid, to respond and react to twitter trendings, a newsworthy topic, or he latest and greatest happening that pertains to your brand or business.