Social Media Marketing Takes Commitment

It’s not enough to use it, to have a profile in the network – using Social Media Marketing (SMM) , requires the conversation. A lot of where your brand is taken (with aggregation and networking) is outside of your control. It is important to have a strategy, positioning and aligning yourself in the best possible groups, networks and conversations that will speak to your target and open new doors.

social media marketing

Photo by Webtreats made available under a creative commons license


There is a difference between being interested in it and being committed. Social Media Marketing is a realm of influencers, and with earning their recommendations comes a following. Get in the conversation by ensuring you advocate your brand online, advocate often, speak to your target and highlight your product strengths on a solid website. Once you are committed, you can truly harness the  power of social media.

When you have a strong brand you will need to approach SMM with focus. Through Social Media Marketing your brand (or business) can be a central part of many relevant networks (as Social Media Trader put it this month, SMM isn’t the “silver bullet”). Expanding and connecting with my network is of primary importance to my brand and to the success of my agency. Social Media Marketing is such a natural for our industry, so that’s why I’m here.  It is a good addition to traditional advertising tactics, but don’t think of social media, as a new realm of marketing – social media is a new marketing tool.  It can help your brand voice attract new audiences, and because of its low cost and high exposure, it is an ideal marketing tactic for businesses, small or large. Talk to me about how to strengthen your brand forward through SMM.