Social Media Understood: 33 biz-ims you need for social media success

Thinking of making your business social? Not sure what it takes or how to get started. Beneficial to anyone or business with an online presence, Social Media Understood will assist you in your initiatives by leveraging your marketing efforts. Social Media Understood is filled with seasoned advice – this collection of 33 biz-isms gives you practical information to help establish, build and maintain a strong brand-consumer relationship. This is the third release in a series of ebooks by 3H. Social Media Understood, will provide you with a quick and easy reference on the dos and don’ts of getting social right!

• Leverage marketing efforts
• Define communities
• Establish objectives

• Measure impact

What is an ism?
An ism is defined by some as an act of practice, others define it as a doctrine or philosophy… A biz-ism is an ism defined by Canadian marketing veteran Miriam Hara.

This collection of Social Media biz-isms is a wealth of practical information presented in concise, no-nonsense speak from a seasoned perspective.

social media understood

social media understood

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