Twenty five years ago when I started 3H Communications , the specialty question always came up. This was one main hurdle to constantly overcome. We are lucky to say, 25 years later, we specialize in a multitude of industries because we positioned ourselves as a marketing specialty agency. With that in mind, marketing is our specialty; the industry is only the playground.

It is our business to bring relevant and forward thinking to any project we undertake, whether it be branding, packaging, web design, advertising campaigns or corporate communications. And for all industries. Variety is key to a growing company, and getting caught in a silo of expertise can sometimes kill business, and new business, quicker than a negative tweet.

When I mention specialty agency, I don’t mean specialized  as in digital agencies. This, in my opinion is not a specialty agency…it’s a channel.  As I have said before modern agencies have to have classic techniques and a well-integrated digital front. Gone is the traditional media versus new media. The new media is now traditional. It’s part of every plan. It is important for your team to be creative, flexible and have a solid research base. The only limit is the one your set  for your business. More than ever having a holistic approach is fundamental to success for business.

The specialty I refer to specifically in this post,  is industry-specific  – such as pharmaceuticals, food, retail, financial or apparel. My belief is that the more exposure an agency has to a variety of industries and mandates, the better equipped they are in exceeding objectives via creative thought and design articulation.

Before any specialized agency became specialized, they had to learn and understand the industry. At that point, they probably challenged the “norm”, By being too specialized, too niche, specialty agencies have a wealth of knowledge in one industry… and they risk becoming to complacent. They understand the issues that the industry is faced with, and its limitations…. and they stopped challenging because they did that already, and it didn’t work, or it wasn’t accepted. Not a good thing… especially in the marketing industry! .Agencies that are too steeped in one industry will begin to get a single/narrow focus, and creativity could be slighted.

If your agency constantly exercises in different terrains, you are flexing different muscles, working different cells…constantly learning The result? A strong marketing agency willing to be different, willing NOT to accept the norm…not just challenging it, but working within the limitations to exceed beyond the expected.