When companies spend $4 million on a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl — it only makes sense that they would also present teasers in the weeks leading up to the celebrated event to take place next weekend. The Super Bowl is exciting for football fans but it is equally as exciting for marketers and advertisers alike. Reinforcing the promotion of these advertisements with hashtags such as #fuelyourpleasure for Oikos Greek Yogurt ads featuring some of the cast from the hit-show Full House is only one of the ways that brands are building awareness amongst its community. You can preview some of these Super Bowl teasers on YouTube’s Ad Blitz channel.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was reportedly paid $3 million to appear in Bud Light ads during the Super Bowl. He is among many other celebrities who will make appearances in advertisements this year. While celebrity endorsements is nothing new to the advertising world, it continues to appeal to customers in ways they otherwise might not without them.

Still, Social Media is a major element in the marketing and advertising worlds today — and one method of tracking the success of an advertisement is how often a teaser video was shared, liked, or commented on. Statistics have shown that the engagement levels of Super Bowl ad teasers in 2013 more than doubled that of 2012. Talk about return on investment!

With that said, here are some of our favourite Super Bowl ads this year:

1. Volkswagen

2. Bud Light – with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Don Cheadle

3. Oikos

4. TurboTax

Oikos tapped into viewers’ nostalgia by using John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget as celebrity appearances. All of us who grew up watching Full House can relate to the familial support and greatness that was Uncle Jesse, humorous Uncle Joey, and the single father Danny Tanner. Great choice, Oikos!

What are some of your favourite Super Bowl ads (past or present)?