With every generation comes a Corporate Culture evolution. As technology facilitates logistics and streamlines work processes, so too must corporate culture evolve. Every generation brings its own brand of innovation to culture. But Corporate Culture is not a one-way street. As corporations strive to accommodate the changing dynamics of the workforce, the workforce must step up to the plate and perform to deliver on productivity and profitability.

I recently read an article citing that work culture was an important element in the decision-making process of Millennials to accept a job. In the ‘it’s all about me’ generation, work places and environments have been bending backwards trying to retrofit their current work culture into one that will speak to the Millennials. Before going any further, the precise definition of Millennials is the generation between the ages of 18-34. The entire article centered on the employees’ needs and “what’s in it for them”.  Not once within the article was any reference made to the employer, to the current work culture or to the needs of the organization.  That really surprised me.

The concept of organizations modifying corporate culture and work models is nothing new. Okay, be forewarned as I am going to be dating myself – thirty years ago when my generation was interviewing for jobs, we too had our own ideas and it often was very different from the work place culture that we were trying to break into. I remember when everyone in management had to wear suits and women couldn’t wear dresses without pantyhose! More relevant to today’s corporate make-up was the fact that there were very few women in upper management!  I was just entry-level at the time, but I do remember. Listen up Generation Millennial – the “jeans on Friday” routine and the current  “business casual” came from the evolution of the tail end Boomers and X generation. What the Millennial generation wants is to make its mark on the evolution of Corporate Culture, and that’s no different from what any of us wanted – we who are now at the maturing stages of our careers.

Having run an organization for over 20 years, I have come to realization that any solid business relationship, whether it’s client relationship or employee-employer relationship, is very much a two-way street. The fit has to be there for both parties. Any organization that places ads for people understands that its work environment is the biggest challenge it faces in finding that right person. The culture at work is a big part of developing job definitions and defining employee success and achievement models. At the risk of sounding self-promoting, 3H has a very distinct culture and a solid work ethic. We always state at the get go that we are hard working – Slackers need not apply. At 3H, we pride ourselves as being mentors for the younger members of our team. We take the responsibility of assisting in shaping the work ethics and skills, which will carry these younger team members in their future, very seriously. Our culture is one of high energy, attention to detail, speed, creativity and ownership. 3H prides itself in the development of its people’s creative mind agility and broadening their scope and horizons within the marketing creative field.

So… am I right, or am I wrong? Call to organizations… I’d like to hear your thoughts!