In marketing it’s not always about strategies or the latest trends, it’s also about creating a more productive, organized and positive work environment. Your business or clients need to see that you’ve got things under control no matter how much life can get chaotic.

We’ve all struggled to keep up with our work loads and I would even hazard to say, sometimes, it seems that life often gets in the way!  Yes, I know it should be the other way around, but there are days that just don’t work out that way. The work-life balance is increasingly becoming a trending topic of conversation…both online and at the office. Technology has made accessibility and availability a non-issue. Employers expect employees to be on… whenever and wherever. Reports show that with the increase in technology it’s causing our lives to be more stressful in the work place.

Since I’ve been here with 3H Communications there are many things I’ve learned and one key item is organization. It’s important to maintain control over your work and you achieve this by being organized with emails, time sheets, paper work etc.

Ask yourself, how can I make my job and life easier? What are some key steps I can take to managing my work life to make sure I can be at my best?

Well here are 6 tips I’ve found while scouring the internet that may just help:

1. Make a list. But don’t put it on your computer. Write it out, you will remember things more and the ability to physically cross off an item can boost to your productivity.

2. Minimize clutter. If you haven’t touched it in a month. Get rid of it! Unless it’s for clients or work for later down the road, all the clutter on our desk is causing a distraction which can also cause work anxiety.  Alleviate stress by de-cluttering your desk and organizing it.

3. The rule of once.  Hilary Clinton says that once a piece of mail is on her desk it gets taken care of once and only once. The same thinking applies to your email box… the new online desk. Leaving emails to build up in your inbox can be a daunting task when sorting through them.  Even going through 25 emails can be annoying.  Organize your email with folders.  Once you’ve read it plop it into the appropriate folder.

4. Perfection isn’t always the best. We all strive to be the best at our jobs, however, when you aim for perfection all the time your stress can become overwhelming. I often apply the 80/20% rule. If a job is completed at 80% of perfection… is the 20% going to make a difference or be noticed. More importantly, how much more time will it take to get the job done.  Accept imperfection on the lesser tasks. I order to do that, you must get an understanding of which tasks are the most important and focus on those to be the best. It’s not perfect, but stressing over it won’t help you in the long run.

5. Take a load off.  Taking regular breaks can help clear your mind or push past a mental road block. When I have writer’s block I head down to our kitchen and work on a sudoku or crossword puzzle for a few minutes.  It can help decrease your stress level, so unless you’re working on a down-to-the-wire project get up stretch and walk around.

6. Say no. In my research to understand the realities of  work life as they exist today, the art and ability to say no is among the most important.  I have a hard time saying no.  I’m very friendly and I always think I have the time to help out a friend or coworker, even when I’m swamped with work.  Understanding what your tasks are and how much you can handle is the most important lesson I’ve learnt.

In today’s world, we are connected 24/7 … but we do need a break. Do yourself a favour:  Turn off your phone and don’t check your emails.   Coming to work stressed or unhappy will have a negative affect on your work and the people around you. If all else fails watch a video with baby animals.  Science has proved it decreases procrastination!

Enjoy life, laugh and love. Do you have other ways to help you with your work life?  Let me know!