Creativity. Where does it come from? How does it happen? Some may think that an idea simply pops into your head. When you’re lucky, sometimes it does. Most of the time it needs to be coaxed. In a world of steady deadlines and day to day expectations, it is easy for the creative mind to get lost behind the left brain obligations. So, how can you inspire creativity when it is needed – when the idea doesn’t just ‘pop’ into your head?

There are various techniques and exercises that many creative people, be it designers, creative directors, marketers even artists use to summon the right brain when they need it. Everyone has a different process that inspires creativity. It is unique to the individual. What works for one person, may not work for the next. The only real mystery is finding the right combination of techniques that work for you.

Here are a few techniques to help inspire your creative thinking. Who knew listening to the left brain could help us develop the right brain?

  1. Sketching
  2. Free Writing
  3. Mind Mapping
  4. Problem Reversal
  5. Group Brainstorming