Advertising frequency is a huge component in the success of any campaign. Think about it: How many times do you need to hear a phone number in order to remember? Don’t answer… it’s a trick question. I have most of my numbers stored in my phone. Not sure about you but I don’t need to repeat phone numbers in order to remember. When I lose my phone or lose my contacts I am in big trouble.

In terms of new advertising and increasing awareness, most people need to repeat or hear an ad or communication three times before it registers. You can test it yourself.  Take a name for example. A name that is not a person you know. Like Ryan Clarke. Repeat that name out loud three times. Chances are you will remember…at least in the short term.

Next week rolls around and  you might not remember the name. But, if you see Ryan Clarke’s name repeated on Facebook, or an email comes around with this name on it , you might remember the name. Then you might forget … then again you might remember. That’s how building brand awareness works.

Effective Advertising Frequency

In marketing and in advertising, the number of times information is repeated before action is taken is called effective frequency.

There are many theories on what is the proper or correct advertising frequency you should aim for. The number of times you should repeat your information to your target audience is an important factor in the success of any advertising campaign.

There are many marketing theories on how and what strategies should be employed. Get to marketers in a room and each will think  that their opinion is the best approach. But where they all agree is that advertising frequency is a must, the information or communications message must be repeated.Advertising frequency

It’s not enough to run your ad up the flagpole and assume that your target market will drop everything and salute. Your ad isn’t on a flagpole and really, ads aren’t akin to patriotism. Repeat, repeat, repeat  and your message will stick.

Advertising frequency ensures your message will stick.

The first part of the above statement  is obvious. Your message must be heard numerous times before your customer takes action. Marketing of any brand to build awareness must be an ongoing continuous effort in order to be successful.

The second part of the statement is not so obvious, unless you are a seasoned marketing professional.  The matter of your messaging sticking is about creative approach, brand persona, media placement and creative strategy.

Approach your customer from different angles. Repeat the same message but repeat it on different channels.  Think print, packaging, TV, radio, social media, events, pr and…

I can’t repeat that too many times.

Repeat uniquely, repeat creatively, repeat strategically. Then, your message will stick and your brand awareness rise to the top of the flagpole.