Brands that are setting themselves up for big wins are the ones bringing something new to the table, armed with their brand courage.

Breakthrough brands find themselves perched precariously at the precipices of greatness, poised to redefine leadership in their own segment, market and industry.  It is very exhilarating, looking at all the possibilities and un-tapped potential. These are brands offering distinctive solutions, daring to challenge the status quo, and shattering the glass ceiling of mediocrity that shrouds the market, irrespective of category or industry. They’re standing out and aiming high, no matter what industry they’re in. But here’s the kicker – having a standout product is just step one.

So what comes next?

It’s about stepping up and leading with courage in every move. Imagine rolling out fresh, exciting ideas and initiatives that set a brand apart. It’s really about having the guts to not only blaze a trail, but to continuously stand out from the norm, day in and day out..with each and every step that is taken.

Just because brands aren’t breakthrough, doesn’t mean they need to check out their brand courage at the door – they’ve got to step up too! They need a brave approach in everything they do. Every ad, social media post, and campaign needs to go the extra mile to stand out among competitors. Brands constantly need to make noise and be seen!

Bravery in marketing isn’t a “nice-to-have”, it’s a necessity. And it doesn’t stop at having a top-notch product. What makes the difference is the willingness to explore, innovate, and keep things fresh.

Brands, whether breakthrough or within the norm, are being challenged to step out of the shadows of mediocrity and forge their identity. They must be brave enough to be different, to stand apart in a world cluttered with the noise of competitors. The courage to actively take the lead, to be seen apart, to challenge and redefine the tried and true – this is the core essence of being brave in marketing. All brands have an equal shot to make a mark. It’s about having the courage to be different and lead the pack.

Calculating the risk

Being brave is more than taking risks – it’s about making informed decisions and really getting the market and the audience. It’s about building lasting connections and telling stories that resonate with people and stick to them.

The brave brands are the ones that stick around in people’s minds. They’re trendsetters and leaders. In a world full of noise, they’re the ones people tune into to and remember!  Every message sent out, be it an ad or a tweet, has to show that bravery. It’s about pushing limits and making a lasting impact. Time to own that spot in the market and shine!

Brands that dare to be brave are the ones that etch their names in the minds and hearts of consumers. They are the ones who redefine norms, set trends, and lead the market. Whether you’re a groundbreaking brand or a regular one, bravery in marketing is key.

So,let me ask you – Is your brand the one that turns heads and stays remembered? Please share your stories of courage here. I would love to hear them!