I love Einstein – so much so that I have a sculpture of his face hanging on the wall in my office. Beyond his obvious legacy of scientific knowledge and forward thinking, I believe that he had a keen ability to zero in on the obvious about the human condition. Einstein’s observations (which I have interpreted as business insights), have helped me to make key business decisions many times. I believe he understood that common sense is not so common. He very eloquently provided perspective on the most common human habits and conditions. These perspectives are also key business insights that can be used on a daily basis.

Here’s the best of his business insight:

Einstein has been quoted many times for a variety of topics, many of which I have referred to in my day-to-day business life. My all time favourite is his definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. My team hears me quote this often.

Business Insights


If something doesn’t work, continuing to do it makes absolutely no sense. I challenge you to think about your business environment. I am sure you can identify processes, relationships or situations that no longer work yet are still are part of the structure. Whether it’s changing business relationships, developing product and marketing initiatives or creating a new dynamic – if something isn’t garnering the ROI required, it needs to change. However, it often doesn’t change. Why is that? How does that make business sense?

Here’s how you can adjust your perspective:
Be open to new ideas. If that sounds too “yogi” for you, just try being positive towards new ideas. In business, it’s so easy to say “no”. Why not give a new idea a chance? By that I mean, do your homework. Don’t say “It can’t be done”. Move away from that perspective. If you approach a new idea with “What if?”, any issue that may arise can be resolved more easily.

I have found in many business situations I’ve faced, this business insight has given me the courage needed to move forward and make calculated risks. It has allowed me to take leaps of faith in order to try things that haven’t been the norm in business. In business you must move forward. Doing the same old thing over again doesn’t make good business sense. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Take it from Einstein, if you keep approaching a situation or a problem in the same way, how can you expect a different outcome?

Are there any situations you’ve encountered in your business environment that could take a page out of Einstein’s business insights?