Just in time for Saint Valentine’s Day, here’s a post about business love!

Business love: Does it have a place in the work-life balance mindset of today’s business environment? There are many times while in the process of interviewing potential employees, I hear about the importance of work-life balance. Although, I rarely hear about the passion for the work or business that is necessary for the role they’re applying for. I recognize that there is a shift in people’s mindsets regarding the “space” that work or business takes up in their lives, and I am all for that. With technology making us all so accessible, it is often difficult to set parameters. However, setting parameters doesn’t mean giving up on business love.

Generally speaking, I’m surprised to see that there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm about the “business” itself. Regardless of work-life balance, there is still a considerable amount of physical time spent at work – making “business love” necessary. However, business love doesn’t mean that work must be all consuming. What it does mean is that people need to take ownership and have consideration for the business they’re in.

Ultimately, practicing business love translates into loving the business you’re in. There is really only one key factor that determines if you practice business love. That factor is passion. Whatever you do, no matter the industry or the role, in order to have business love you need to be passionate.

Here is a list of ways to practice business love:

  1. When you are entrusted to do something, do it. Ensure it is done in the precise manner and time it requires.
  2. Understand that good enough is never good enough. It must be better than good. It has be right and it has to sparkle.
  3. Do more than just show up. Just like exercise, showing up and going through the motions won’t get results. You have to be dedicated during the time you’re there!
  4. Understand that business isn’t personal. Just because something doesn’t go according to your plan, doesn’t mean that the business love you’ve exercised was a waste of time. In fact in any business, flexibility is a must. Learning to bend is always a good thing!
  5. Loving what you do doesn’t take away from your work-life balance – it actually enhances it. Loving what you do makes for a happier you.

So embrace enjoy your work-life balance while reaping the rewards from practicing business love!