In my last post I stated why I feel that there is a big disconnect between creative agencies and clients. You can read that article here. Below is a short recap.

It is my belief that the single-focused creative agencies continuing to work in the same way they did over the past decade, can no longer provide clients with the relevancy and efficiency that is demanded in today’s marketplace.

So what do creative agencies need to be in order to deliver to clients and become a valued partner?


1) Technology channel savvy: The increasing number of communications channels that are available to reach consumers requires an understanding of these channels in order to produce creative that will not only resonate but garner the expected ROI. The difference in creating “creative” for a traditional channel versus a digital channel is the same as creating creative for a print ad versus a billboard ad. It’s just not the same.

2) Marketing knowledge for immediacy: Advertising is becoming more targeted and niche. Generating creative that will be relevant, branded and incite a reaction is a must. This can only be attained through understanding the market in which the brand lives.

3) Creatively smart: A counter part to point 1, this is the ability to foresee possible issues that are related to the creative presented. It is not only a nice to have but a need to have. Delivering on smart creative also means being production savvy. Knowing where and how the creative will live is a must.

4) Embrace change: Change is essential to any creative house. It’s as essential as breathing. Reluctance to move forward, explore and understand new technologies and channels will only meet with failure. It will result in the failure to offer clients what is required for them to succeed. There’s no win-win. Creative agencies need to be experts in communications channels. How else can they meet the required ROI? Without embracing change, creative agencies will become stagnate.

5) The “we” mentality: This really pertains to any business. In the creative world, nothing is more important than having a good connection with clients. It’s not the client and the agency. It’s us. Understanding that distinction is paramount in order to develop a strong relationship that will lead to awesome creative!

There are many more attributes creative agencies need in order to effect change and promote solid, relevant relationships with clients. Can you think of any you would like to add to this list?