I believe that creativity is inherent in an individual and that it can’t be taught. But by the same token I strongly believe that creativity can be nurtured and that everyone, in some way, is creative. Creativity isn’t limited to “design” or “painting” or “crafts”. Anyone from a mathematician, a web programmer to a janitor can be creative.

That being said, I recently started wondering if creativity has a “peak”? Just as a person matures, do the creative juices start ebbing with time? I have to say the answer, in my opinion is a resounding NO.

Creativity doesn’t have an age, but it does have characteristics that must be nurtured in order for it to thrive. Keeping these three “I” words in mind will aid in nurturing your creativity, allowing it to flourish and for you to remain young at heart.

Be Interested.
Practice the art of listening to those who speak to you. Be engaged in conversations – in real time. Get into social media and read about topics that are interesting to you or that have some bearing in your life.

Be Inquisitive.
Take a lesson from a two year old. Ask, “Why?”. It can be that simple. Don’t take things at face value. The key to being creative is to always be curious.

Be Informed.
What’s new? What’s exciting? What’s happening? Be it on the planet, in your industry or at your office.

Ultimately, creativity is a muscle and it needs to be exercised continuously. It needs new input and new challenges all the time. The ability to turn on the mind set of being in the “now” and being engaged is necessary. Age doesn’t have any bearing on creativity, it’s our attitude towards aging that dictates the effect it will have on our performance.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject. Do you agree? Does the creative spark dim with age? Do we become complacent and don’t exercise our creative well? Or is it that with age, we become wiser in the ways to tap into our creativity?