A friend of mine asked me once… ‘I know you’re a graphic designer, but what is that? What do you do exactly?’ I was taken off-guard and had assumed that everyone knew what Graphic Design was. I should say that this friend is a well educated professional woman. I guess it was my turn to educate her.

doris day

Graphic Design is not Photoshop. Graphic Design is not Art. Graphic Design is not always a ‘pretty picture‘. So, what is it? Simply put, it means ‘visual communication’. Think of it as a language… a visual language. A Graphic Designer is trained to speak this language. We embrace an idea. We translate that idea into a language that is understood by an intended audience – a target market if you will. Our medium involves both words and images. Together these pieces are combined to make up something that is greater than their sums individually – a visual message. When it is successful, the message is heard/understood by the intended audience. The intent of this message is derived from the client. It’s execution and success of communication requires a Graphic Designer. What has your ‘desktop publisher’ done for you lately?