CASE STUDY: A Quebec Brand: Adrien Gagnon Part II

A new Adrien Gagnon for today’s Quebecer!

Adrien Gagnon, the Quebec Natural Health Products provider for over 60 years, found themselves losing their relationship with Quebecers. As such, they needed to reposition their brand to the Quebecer of today, providing a contemporary and youthful image.

The first step was to re-brand their logo and their positioning (click here to find our more).

The Second step was to take that new look and feel and establish its presence throughout the social media channel and enhancing a stronger online presence.

1. Website
Adrien Gagnon is all about health and wellness so we re-designed the website to embody their brand values and represent the companies main selling point of Natural Products. To accompany the logo’s new look and feel we created a fresh looking website with new colours. The goal was to create a new vibrant look that speaks to health and vitality.

2. Social Media
We revamped Adrien Gagnon’s social media presence by changing their Twitter, Facebook and Youtube look. Creating banners and profile pictures to mirror the look and feel of the website and new logo gave a boost to the social media efforts already visible for Adrien Gagnon. In February, we participated in Hearth Month and created a month of themed posts that represent Adrien Gagnon’s health and wellness values.

From concept development, graphic design to positioning statements, we deliver solid re-branding strategies that are sure to embody your brand values and get your brand noticed!