The Social Media evolution has enabled people to think differently and perhaps quicker! We at 3H, spend a great deal of our time and energy in the Social Media Channel. It is an exciting channel that is evolving beyond our wildest dreams.

Social Media shouldn’t be intimidating to any business and should be leveraged in marketing and business initiatives. It’s been our experience that with client initiatives the Social Media Channel plays an active role in propelling brand. It’s my hope that by the end of this post, the use of the Social Media Channel will become a clearer and more viable option for you and your business.

In step with the Social Media evolution, Canadians are evolving too.

Consider this: Gen Y is now coming up to bat as they are at the helm of senior roles in business. What they bring with them are very compelling attitudes towards Social Media.

So what does that mean? Both Gen Y and Gen Z are largely responsible for changing the marketing landscape – not only about how to communicate with them but also who is best suited to provide relevant information.

But it’s not just Gen Y and Z who are responsible for this shift. Baby boomers and Gen X are also taking part in this Social Media evolution. How? Think about it, how many of us say  “Google it” in one day?

The internet as a platform has enabled us to find answers, to offer solutions and give advice – instantly. The Social Media evolution has propelled content creation and the sharing of content.

Facebook was designed on the premise of building relationships through sharing content via thoughts, photos, comments, links, etc. Now with blogging, Social Media’s cornerstone is content creation. Social Media is the product of this way of thinking – for this social way of thinking. There are so many opportunities for any business to provide information and create a continuous dialogue with Canadians – when and how they want it.

For Canadians the traditional valued sources of information are changing due to the Social Media evolution. The evolution of Social Media has occurred and is now a part of everyday life. It will continue to change, but the evolution of communications now has a new order or a different channel. Social Media is now being fine tuned and we will probably see added bells and whistles. All this to say, in business we must face this new channel openly and strategically. What opportunity! Business needs to get ready for the future now.

Social Media is perfectly poised for companies to start speaking socially to their consumers about their products; while providing value by informing and educating them on their product benefits. Ultimately, to assist them in their “purchasing” journey. Its a marketing media channel that can successfully assist in achieving a number of objectives, one of them is developing relationships with current and future customers. This is the upside and the ROI of developing a social media footprint for business and brands.

It’s time to get out there and be a part of the conversation, today!