Full Circle

Recently, I’ve stepped back into a role that feels like home, and it’s made me realize my original career path has evolved, not ended; I’ve simply transferred my skills in new and creative ways. My career has taken me through advertising, TV and radio broadcasting, and into the world of entrepreneurship with a focus on retail and interior design. Now, I’ve come full circle, back to marketing and advertising as a Creative Brand Strategist. Though my path might seem unconventional to some, each step has refined and always included my core skill: branding.

Think of your brand as your favourite room in a space. With interior design, it’s all about setting the right vibe with colour and personalized touches that make it uniquely yours. A splash of colour can completely transform a space; similarly, a consistent and well-chosen brand colour makes your business or your brand instantly recognizable and relatable to your audience.

Now think about how a well-placed piece of art or a boldly coloured pillow can instantly make a room look fabulous and begin to establish a distinctive style. That’s the equivalent to a brand’s special twist—like a catchy tagline or a clever marketing campaign. These are the unique details that grab attention and make your brand memorable.

Foundational Work

Working with contractors over the past few years, I can say that building a brand is a lot like building a house. With branding, you need to start with a strong foundation; your brand’s unique selling proposition (USP). This foundational work acts like the main support beam of a house; it bears the weight and holds everything else together. Just as a support beam ensures structural integrity and longevity in a home, a well-defined USP strengthens all aspects of your branding—from product packaging and marketing campaigns to social media initiatives—ensuring consistency across all avenues.

My approach to interior design has always been through the lens of branding. It’s not just about choosing colours, artwork and furniture; it’s about helping clients articulate their personality and personal brand, reflecting who they truly are. This rule of thumb applies perfectly to branding a product or business. Finding your brands voice isn’t simply about how it sounds; it’s about expressing your brand personality in a creative way that resonates directly with consumers.

Maintenance is Key to Success

Just as a home needs some on going maintenance, your brand requires upkeep too. Refreshing your look or fine-tuning your message keeps your brand fresh and relevant. It’s all about evolving with the times in any field.

From broadcasting to brand strategy, and from running my own business back to marketing and advertising, my journey proves that once a brander, always a brander. Each phase of my career has been about creating spaces—physical or conceptual—that connect and communicate. And as always, it’s going to be fabulous.